This plant holds the Guinness Record for World's Largest Rhododendron.(Salaparni' name based on the similarity of its leaves to those of sala tree shorea robusta, pitani, Neermalli The Sinhala name Gas-Gonika' has been firmly identified with Pseudarthria viscida.It is a small, compact tree, 3-5.

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I take a walk down the corridors of time, Over look what has been, what is now, and what will come to pass, I must not be afraid, Where there is fear, Comfort will come, Patience is the key.Ganja is included in some traditional herbal prescriptions.The etymology of the Sanskirt word nagavalli is also obscure.

In south India, a variety known as "Kaattu Vallarai" is known.A b Sakai,.; Larcher,.The leaves and seeds contain tephrosin, which paralyzes fish.