In English it superseded bet in the adverbial sense by 1600.Morally superior; more virtuous: They are no better than thieves.Are you an Airbnb host?

Origin of well 2 before 900; (noun) Middle English well(e Old English wylle, wella, welle; cognate with German Welle wave; (v.) Middle English wellen, Old English wellan (cognate with Dutch wellen, Old Norse vella both noun and.Old Frisian betera, Old Saxon betiro, Old Norse betr, Danish bedre, Old High German bezziro, German besser, Gothic batiza).

Some of these terms are given full definitions, while others are considered such obvious combinations that you can figure out for yourself what they must mean.Book a free call, nerdwallet Awards 2018 Winner, best Online Mortgage Lenders for Customer Service.(used when declining an offer or suggestion, as to communicate that one is already satisfied "More coffee?" "No thanks, Im good!" Horse Racing.