Boy band n (British) boys band m boy n ( male child) Junge m, Bub m (dial) ; bad or naughty boy!(inf) boy : boy : boy toy n (inf, pej) ( woman) junge, sexuell anziehende Frau ( man) junger, besonders für ältere Frauen attraktiver Mann boy wonder n (inf) Wunderkind nt, Wunderknabe m boy b n ragazzo ; ( small ) bambino ; ( son.

View in context, then Warner, the head of the house, gets up and wants to speak; but he can't, for every boy knows what's coming.If you are not willing to suspend disbelief and go along with the story premise, you are unlikely to see it through and you are probably not a horror fan anyway.

Greta (Lauren Cohan) is fleeing a bad relationship and applies for a nanny job caring for an 8-year old.We then see some endearing shared fantasies, before Boy gets the truth about his Dad as selfishly irresponsible.The creepy parents abruptly depart for an extended holiday, leaving Greta with strict instructions on how to care for Brahms.