Cal cium modul ate calmodulin (kal-mod'y-lin protein that binds calcium ions.Cells have developed a multitude of ways to control and make use of this ion gradient to regulate many cellular processes, ranging from transcription control and cell survival to neurotransmitter release and muscle function. .Left: Three-dimensional histogram of sodium ion distribution in calmodulin's vicinity sampled from the 3 ns trajectory.

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enzymatic role in the biosynthesis of a steroid hormone in plants that is required for plant growth called, brassinosteroid. These genes are also found in tomatoes ( Solanum lycopersicum

Cal cium modul ate calmodulin a calcium-binding protein concerned in the response of muscle fibers and other cells to calcium).This is made possible because the alpha helix connector is very flexible and allows CaM to wrap around targets of varying shapes and sizes.

Calmodulin kalmodylin a calcium-binding protein that mediates a variety of biochemical and physiological processes, including the contraction of smooth muscles and the release of norepinephrine.Increased calcium concentrations lead to calcium binding by regulatory proteins, which turn the calcium signal into a biological response. .These hydrophobic surfaces then interact with the hydrophobic regions of CaM's target proteins.