Thus, 1066 is a date in the 11th century, 1542 is a date in the 16th century, and so on Origin Late Middle English (in century (sense 3 from Latin centuria, from centum hundred.The Comitia Centuriata (Centuriate Committee) included both patricians and plebeians organized into five economic Classes (knights and senators being the First Class) and distributed among internal divisions called Centuries.( 100 years ) siglo m in the 20th century en el siglo veinte.

It's not often a batsman gets a century when the opposition has scored only one hundred and sixty five.Order Online Call 866 dash;541 dash;3322 Whatever you love to watch on TV in primetime, daytime, or game time, youll find it on directv.

There have been cricket batsman who scored several centuries in a match.The gory de-horning of the Maral deer is an annual ritual in this isolated part of Siberia and dates from the 17th century.