Some of us must face moments in our lives that will define not only our character but also our moral fiber.There are line drawings of common characters used in identification: leaf features and twig features.Many apparently well-balanced people have no strength of character.

Player character, as above but who is controlled or whose actions are directly chosen by a player.Sex-conditioned character ( sex-influenced character ) an autosomal trait whose full expression is conditioned by the sex of the individual,.g., human baldness.

I have no interest in watching an actor talk about his character in a movie.Oscars 2015: The Daily Beasts Picks, From Scarlett Johansson to Boyhood Marlow SternJanuary 6, 2015 daily beast They want Marvin to be as mean and as lonely and as trashy as the characters he portrays.And to put yourself under that kind of pressure, you need a certain strength of character, so I have respect for footballers.