Commission k-mi-shn 1a : a formal written warrant granting the power to perform various acts or duties b : a certificate conferring military rank and authority also : the rank and authority so conferred received a lieutenant's commission in the army 2 : an authorization.A commission of enquiry.He was commissioned to paint the Lord Mayor's portrait.

When applying for a position, please follow these guidelines: Locate the board and/or commission(s) of interest to you and apply online.Mayor's Office, about the Office of the Mayor.

Macaulay b : a task or matter entrusted to one as an agent for another executed a commission for me while he was in Singapore 4a : a group of persons directed to perform some duty The state set up a commission to study the.Wilson would be out of commission for several months, probably.An' you don't want me to work a commission for you on Diablo?