In the event of a claim youll have a record of your property in working condition, making it easier for you to be compensated for your loss.Hemos investigado en detalle y creemos haber considerado todas las posibilidades.Cover figurative (pretext) pretexto excusa The question was really just a cover for his desire to talk with her.

Nice thesis cover page

experienced editors and proofreaders who guarantee that your paper will be well-written, having the right structure, and meeting academic requirements. For a crime such as serial killing, there

Are we covered by your car insurance?Undercover (operation: in secret) encubiertamente secretamente de encubierto Police went undercover to learn how the bribery scheme worked.Cover sth figurative (pay for sth entirely) cubrir, does twenty dollars cover all the expenses?

Ella cubrió la Casa Blanca para el periódico durante dos años.Este es un cover de Bob Dylan.