In wh-questions the question word occupies the preverbal field, regardless of whether its grammatical role is subject or object or adverbial.At least 19 different diphthongs also occur, all with a short first vowel and the second segment being either i, u,.The letter å which is also used in the Norwegian and Swedish languages was incorporated with a 1948 spelling reform intended to replace the letter "aa.".

The distribution of stød in the vocabulary is related to the distribution of the common Scandinavian pitch accents found in most dialects of Norwegian and Swedish.Han er "he is".

47 Spoken Danish Main article: Danish phonology The sound system of Danish is unusual among the world's languages, particularly in its large vowel inventory and in the unusual prosody.Tres (short for tre-sinds-tyve, "three times twenty means 60, while 50 is halvtreds (short for halvtredje-sinds-tyve, "half third times twenty implying two score plus half of the third score).