By far the nations most common laundry mishap is shrinking clothing, with almost two thirds of people saying theyve damaged garments in this way, demonstrating Brits lack of understanding and attention when it comes to caring for our couture.When it comes down to specific care labels and fabrics,.2* of us have been put off buying a garment because of the washing instructions.Furthermore, of 2000 Brits surveyed, 99* could not recognise common garment care symbols, despite 9 in 10 owning a washing machine.

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YY, three digits from the back of the cardCVC,.LG's TurboWash offers an alternative to standard 'quick washes' found in most machines.LG has found 60* of people frequently default to Quick Wash Programme to do their laundry, in a bid to get their clothes clean, faster!

Designed to replicate every type of washing motion, including traditional manual was methods, LG 6 Motion Washing Machines are able to perform a range of drum motions or a combination of motions depending on the wash programmed required.Our research, shows that on average British adults ruin one to two piece of clothing a year amounting to 2 billion of clothing!