Student somewhat effectively communicates this knowledge and understanding with the use of some supporting examples or details.See Resources for help.Students may work in groups, but the groups should be small enough for all members to benefit.

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enzymatic role in the biosynthesis of a steroid hormone in plants that is required for plant growth called, brassinosteroid. These genes are also found in tomatoes ( Solanum lycopersicum

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B O'Donnell and Phillippe Schmitter (1986c. 191 Seymour Martin Lipset, "Some Social Requirements of Democracy: Economic Development and Political Legitimacy" American Political Science Review 53 (1959 69-105. 1 (November

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go unexplained. Develop a creative hook sentence (e.g., a joke, fact, statistics," of famous person, allegory, poetry line, etc.) You should know that the best way to generate the

If time permits, ask students to write about the experience and their feelings.Print and distribute it as a handout, or use it as an overhead for note taking and discussion of particular phrases.Create a short (three-minute) video demonstrating how the world might be perceived through the selected characters eyes.

Directions: Choose a Shakespeare soliloquy and perform it for the class.Explain why it is crucial to research a character in order to effectively portray that character on stage.