Human embryos deserved protection as human beings on both ethical and scientific bases.If in some way you're religious, you believe that there's a god who handed down some commandments.I don't think it's ethical for you to accept a job you know you can't.

Although for me personally the paradigm of life-giving and redemptive behaviour is in the Cross, I am convinced that all of us, in our respective religious, cultural and ethical-philosophical traditions, find a strong summons to embrace the logic of love and solidarity.As uncovered by the climate blog desmogblog, the Ethical Oil meme dates to a 2010 book by Ezra Levant.

Underlying each action was an ethical framework based on human rights considerations.And we're now reaching a point where we really have to ask, is it really ethical and do we want to evolve human beings?But an oversight committee declared us an ethical failure.