Patrons during fiscal year 2015, patrons during fiscal year 2016, patrons during fiscal year 2017.Sin grasa Compré un yogur sin grasa, pero no es tan rico como el de verdad!Free agent (sb independent) ( literal ) alguien que trabaja por su cuenta ( ES ) autónomo, autónoma trabajador autónomo, trabajadora autónoma nm adj, nf adj free agent (sports: player not bound by contract) jugador independiente nm adj mv His contract with the Yankees has expired.

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Free of charge (having no cost) libre de costos, libre de costes The film was rubbish but it's okay because the seats were free of charge.La multitud estaba en silencio mientras el jugador se acercaba a la línea de tiros libres.

Un poco de trabajo con el destapacaños y tendremos este drenaje fluido nuevamente.It is a mistake to think that because a food is fat-free, it's also free of calories.