Nor were women more likely to vote for female applicants - and male evaluators become less favorable to women when female evaluators joined the selection committee, according to Does the Gender Composition of Scientific Committees Matter?But Deschamps argued that the lack of women in senior positions was more likely to be due to a lack of applicants, rather than the hiring process itself.

Nor have the"s yet encouraged any more women to apply for positions, according to Gender"s in Hiring Committees: A Boon or a Bane for Women?Deschamps modeling indicates that, had the"s not been introduced, 38 percent more women would have been hired.In the Republic of Ireland, universities are working toward having at least 40 percent men and 40 percent women on appointment committees.

These latest findings from France tally with earlier research using data from Italy and Spain, which also found that more women on an appointment panel did not boost female applications.It has always taken some time before my male colleagues have adjusted and regarded me as a colleague rather than an odd woman, she said.Still,"s on hiring committees should still be used to shed light on the hiring process and to push for change, in combination with training for evaluators, Ullenius argued.