He's independent, tough, strong, brave a real man!Men in (grey) suits Powerful men within an organization who exercise their authority anonymously.Gutierrez has not always been a man of the cloth; before entering the priesthood he was a military intelligence operative.

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Word of the Day facultative Blond.Coach Martin Hall is still expecting his men to figure prominently in the forthcoming play-offs.It is believed passengers have been queueing up to two hours in Terminal 1 because only one of five X-ray machines was manned due to staffing problems.

Militiamen are manning road and rooftop positions and main intersections leading into the area.I have lived here for more than 70 years - man and boy - and I won't be pushed out.I'm sure it would be absolutely horrible in real life, but trying to survive alone on a desert island has be the ultimate test - it would definitely separate the men from the boys and I think I'd end up being a complete wimp.