Investing, investing Strategy, what is a Multiple?Key Takeaways, a multiple measures the well-being of a company by comparing two metrics, usually by dividing one by the other.The metric in the numerator is typically larger than the one in the denominator.

The discounted cash flow analysis ) is considered to be an intrinsic valuation, while valuation based on a multiple is considered to be relative, because the multiple is relative to some performance measure.Násobek četný hromadný kæde- mangefold, vielfache mehrfach vielfach múltiple múltiplo multiple nombreux sokrészû számtani többszörös többszörös tömeg- margfeldi margòættur margòættur, margfaldur multiplo tavola pitagorica molteplice molteplicit.

It is used to compare a company's market value (price) with its earnings.EV to earnings before interest and taxes (ebit also referred to as EV/ebit, is used for less capital-intensive companies, with fewer depreciation and amortization expenses.