Description: Assist Chaeldar with testing out her new experimental fungicide spray - kill 10 Mutated zygomites and report back to her with the results.Check out our skeletal wyvern guide for more information on how to kill them.

B2b muspah assigns

assigned. . The person to whom property is assigned is called assigns or assignee. . Madison was assigned to investigate a balloon accident.too important a diplomatic post to assign

Many players stood at the door with an Orb of Oculus, trying to peek in, but all they found was a hidden, half-implemented underwater tunnel that would have been part of Zamorak's "bridge jump" when attempting to go to his side of the map.It is recommended to get a task from the highest Slayer master you can use for the 10th and 50th task, to maximise your points.You can get your total amount of quest points in-game in your quest menu or on your Adventurer's Log (P2P Only).

These crystals give you various debuffs such as reduced melee damage therefore it is advised you work from hard to easy, starting with Araxxi and finishing with the Giant Mole/King black dragon.Notes: You will receive a dark crystal for each boss you kill which must be carried when fighting the subsequent bosses.It provides a free teleport twice per day to Taverley Dungeon.