"Spillover emotional transmission from one family relationship to another, is a likely explanation as to why parents have trouble fostering a good relationship with their children when there are problems within their marriage (Bolger, DeLongis, Kessler, Wethington, 1989; Repetti, 1987).A survey of the nature and extent of bullying in junior/middle and secondary schools.«Internet responsible for 2 per cent of global energy usage», Jim Giles, New Scientist (Reed Business Information Ltd.

National science day essay

science, radio-TV talk shows science exhibition based on themes and concept, watching the night sky, live project and research demonstration, quiz competition, debates, live project and researchers demonstration, lectures

Feature of Management, management is the process of setting and reaching goals in an effective and efficient way.When tension is due to a partner feeling that their cultural identity is being ignored, it is referred to as a nonsupport problem.

Men are more likely than women to have a sexual affair, regardless of whether they are dating or married or dating (Sprecher McKinney, 1993).35 The individual has reached a higher level of education which has increased their vocabulary and grammar.Social networking sites for younger children, which claim to provide better levels of protection for children, also exist.