Selected Bibliography, poetry, the Colossus (Knopf, 1962 ariel (Harper Row, 1966 crossing the Water (Harper Row, 1971).Read poems by this poet, sylvia Plath was born on October 27, 1932, in Boston, Massachusetts.Often, her work is singled out for the intense coupling of its violent or disturbed imagery and its playful use of alliteration and rhyme.

Letters of Sylvia Plath (2017/2018).In 1963, Plath published a semi-autobiographical novel, The Bell Jar, under the pseudonym Victoria Lucas.Galleries, sylvia Plath, bibliographies, online, sylvia Plath resources, new Publications by and about Sylvia Plath.

Then, on February 11, 1963, during one of the worst English winters on record, Plath wrote a note to her downstairs neighbor instructing him to call the doctor, then she died by suicide using her gas oven.Steinberg is the author of the book.