The charity aims to highlight excellence and encourage best practice in teaching by raising the profile and public perception of the teaching profession.Various vertical Z-sections and fluorescence profiles across the cells were analyzed.He was to profile a backbench MP A sharp female journalist has profiled him as a misanthropic failure, not a truth-seeker but a preacher, his life shaped by a rivalry with God that has destroyed his family and friendships.

4A graphical or other representation of information relating to particular characteristics of something, recorded in quantified form.As such, Table 1 is used to summarize the previously reported findings and to provide a profile of the demographic characteristics of the sample.

It is likely that because of reflectance from the chamber walls the vertical profile of ppfd is altered, especially during episodes of direct sunshine.I use my angle grinder all the time for profiling tiles It undergoes extrusion and is then transformed into flat or profiled (patterned strips) products.What type of information do, or should, profiles contain?