EnglishAnd compassion can also have those qualities.EnglishNow we know from neuroscience that compassion has some very extraordinary qualities.Political parties, public associations, citizens of Turkmenistan, candidates, persons authorized by candidates, initiative groups may, by forms and methods not prohibited by law, campaign for the active participation of citizens in elections, a referendum, freely and comprehensively discuss election programmes of candidates, their political, business.

From my point of view, the concept scholarship should include both the level of education and persons morality, since these qualities are inseparably linked with each other.But I have come to understand that true jihad means striving to the utmost to strengthen and live those qualities which God loves: honesty, trustworthiness, compassion, benevolence, reliability, respect, truthfulness.One buys this washing powder or this chewing gum, because the colorful TV commercials convince him of the best qualities of the product.

The international author list includes most of the current key players in impact-related studies and the quality of the individual contributions is correspondingly high.The remark was also made that the draft articles under consideration had all the qualities and characteristics of a framework agreement.It is here that socially significant qualities of a personality are formed.