Any Host header field value in the request must be ignored.The return code of the response always notifies the client whether a method is currently allowed on a resource, since the set of allowed methods can change dynamically.Phrases by (or on) request In response to an expressed wish.

She begins to curse the summoner for his unfair request, saying that she would like to give his body to the devil.Application forms are available on request Aim has an approved list of solicitors who are experienced in the area of family law, which is available on request, and leaflets outlining the most frequently asked questions about separation and divorce.Guo's wife said in a deposition that the underground bank was opened at the request of aunt in Fujian Province, they said.

For instance, they took care to include materials recycling in the construction request for proposals.Origin Middle English: from Old French requeste (noun based on Latin requirere (see require).