Harvard Psychological Studies, Volume 1 Various Without pursuing him through this research, I shall merely state the conclusions at which he arrived, viz.Online Etymology Dictionary, 2010 Douglas Harper.

French-Inspired Slang That Makes English Sound Très Chic How Do You Use The Word Myriad In A Sentence?British Dictionary definitions for research research noun systematic investigation to establish facts or principles or to collect information on a subject verb to carry out investigations into (a subject, problem, etc) Derived Formsresearchable, adjectiveresearcher, noun Word Origin for research C16: from Old French recercher.Research n investigación f ; cancer investigación sobre el cáncer, investigación del cáncer.

Memoirs of the Life of Sir Walter Scott, Volume 6 John Gibson Lockhart A still more potent source of failure must be sought in the faulty methods of research pursued by most investigators.16 Cooperative Institutes, partnerships with noaa's Cooperative Institutes (CI located at degree-granting institutions, play a vital role in increasing noaas research capacity and expertise.