Added material at end of document appendix noun.( transitive, computer graphics ) To make or show something similar to a sample.Collocations: sample the food, drink, take a wide, small, large sample (of sample sizes, music, topics, packs, items, perfumes, more.

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High Level Committee, set up to review the Delimitation Act, has considered the concerns expressed in the Sachar Committee report and submitted its report. Solved question papers for Jamia

Representative sample (can be extrapolated to whole) ( estadística, encuestas ) muestra representativa nf adj sale by sample (order based on sample) compraventa sobre muestras sample bottle (miniature glass or plastic container) muestra This sentence is not a translation of the original sentence.La muestra de orina se usa para test de consumo de drogas.

From Cambridge English Corpus Of 44 human samples, 56n8 were anthroponotic, whereas 40n9 were zoonotic genotypes.Translations edit Anagrams edit Pronunciation edit Noun edit sample m ( plural samples ) ( Louisiana, Cajun French) a sample Spanish edit Noun edit sample m ( plural samples ) ( music ) sample Retrieved from " ".