For example, two computer security programs installed on the same device can prevent each other from working properly, while the user assumes that he or she benefits from twice the protection that only one program would afford."Peace Through Shared Security".Parenting is about giving your child security and love.

Companies can generate a lot of money when they go public, selling stock in an initial public offering (IPO for example.It is important to note that certificated and un-certificated securities do not differ in terms of the rights or privileges of the shareholder or issuer.Registered debt securities are always undivided, meaning the entire issue makes up one single asset, with each security being a part of the whole.

12 13 Home security edit Main article: Home security Home security normally refers to the security systems used on a property used as a dwelling (commonly including doors, locks, alarm systems, lighting, fencing and personal security practices (such as ensuring doors are locked, alarms activated.Exploit (noun) - a means of capitalizing on a vulnerability in a security system (usually a cyber-security system).