Somme, river,.150 mi (240 km) long, rising near Saint-Quentin, N France, and flowing generally NW past Amiens into the English Channel; connected by canal with the Scheldt and Oise rivers.Because of the dense and rigid wave formations that were adopted, the losses were appallingly heavy.

Somme on a front extending for 15 miles (24 km) from Serre and Beaumont-Hamel southward past Thiepval, Ovillers, and Fricourt (east of Albert) and then eastward and southward to Maricourt, north of Curlu.In the northwest, it has a coast on the.The Daily Chronicle published a similar report on the battle on July 3rd: At about.30 oclock this morning a vigourous attack was launched by the British Army.

Haig was warned even by his own artillery adviser that he was stretching his available gun power too far.Conscription only began in Britain in 1916 but had been in place many years previously in France, meaning the French conscripts had usually some degree of military knowledge or training.The cities of Amiens and Abbeville are situated on the Somme.