These statements are generally submitted and debated in "informal consultations".The order in which foreach traverses the elements of an array, is as follows: For single-dimensional arrays elements are traversed in increasing index order, starting with index 0 and ending with index Length -.1 int firstNumber 10; 2 int secondNumber 20; 3 int result firstNumber secondNumber; 4 intln(result 5 secondNumber 30; 6 intln(result The first two statements are pretty much similar to those in Section.3 but with different variable names.

Control is returned to the caller of the iterator block.When an exception is thrown, control is transferred to the first catch clause in an enclosing try statement that can handle the exception.

Code section.13: Value swap.The syntax for switch statements is as follows: switch ( variable ) case result : statements break; case result : statements break; default: statements break; This means that if the variable included equals one of the case results, the statements following that case, until the.