On the strength of this offer of money, we plan to start building soon.Origin of strong before 900; (adj.) Middle English strang, strong, Old English; cognate with Middle Dutch stranc, Old Norse strangr; (adv.) Middle English strange, stronge, Old English; cognate with Old High German strango; akin to string, related formsstrongish, adjectivestrongly, adverbstrongness, nounoverstrong, adjectiveoverstrongly, adverboverstrongness, nounself-strong, adjectivesuperstrong.Grimm (the terms strong and weak better fit German inflections).

(of a group, force etc ) numbering a particular amount.An army 20,000 strong was advancing towards the town.

Moving or acting with force or vigor: strong winds.British Dictionary definitions for strong strong adjective stronger (str) or strongest (strst) involving or possessing physical or mental strength solid or robust in construction; not easily broken or injured having a resolute will or morally firm and incorruptible character intense in quality; not faint.