Summary, consuming too much added sugar increases heart disease risk factors such as obesity, high blood pressure and inflammation.By Chris Hogan, Sugar Association Vice President of Communications If you spend much time with folks who work in the sugar industry, you learn a few things pretty quickly.

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Another study showed that women who consumed sweet buns and cookies more than three times per week were.42 times more likely to develop endometrial cancer than women who consumed these foods less than.5 times per week ( 24 ).Drink your coffee black or use Stevia for a zero-calorie, natural sweetener.

In other words, sugary beverages dont curb your hunger, making it easy to quickly consume a high number of liquid calories.Sugar scrubs are great for exfoliating your face and body.A study following 8,000 people for 22 years showed that men who consumed 67 grams or more of sugar per day were 23 more likely to develop depression than men who ate less than 40 grams per day ( 28 ).