Xylem edit Xylem consists of: Tracheids Vessel members Xylem fibres Xylem parenchyma Cross section of 2-year-old Tilia Americana, highlighting xylem ray shape and orientation.Intercalary Meristem - This meristem is located in between permanent tissues.Except Porifera) can generally be considered to contain the four tissue types, the manifestation of these tissues can differ depending on the type of organism.

A different kind of tissue is found in the body the groups of cells that have the same job, like scar tissue that protects a wound as it heals.An aggregate of cells in an organism that have similar structure and function, supplement, a tissue is an aggregate of cells that having the same structure and function.

This tissue gives tensile strength to the plant and the cells are compactly arranged and have very little inter-cellular spaces.This usually also includes fibers, parenchyma and ray cells.Permanent tissues edit Permanent tissues may be defined as a group of living or dead cells formed by meristematic tissue and have lost their ability to divide and have permanently placed at fixed positions in the plant body.