Among the popular specialities of the Vologda Oblast are the Northern niello, Vologda laces, coloured enamels with gold and silver veneer, carving on birch bark and the original technique of "tinplate frosting".The sessions of the event will explore the opportunities provided to the tourism sector by technological advances, including big data and digital platforms.

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The frescoes of the Ferapont monastery were painted by Dionisius, the genius of medieval Russian art and they are included into the unesco world heritage.Next to Onega Lake there is one of the most interesting places on the planet - Atleka - the place where the basins of the Atlantic ocean, the Arctic ocean and the Caspian sea join together.

The lakes scattered throughout the region, the forests sprawling along the banks of slow-flowing rivers, the plains stretching away to the horizon have the charm of their own.These factors also serve as a backdrop for the resilience shown by tourism in recent years.Twenty expeditions to America were arranged by the residents of the city.