They dwell on detailed accounts of horrible deeds and contain long reflective soliloquies.In his theoretical works on theatre, Corneille redefined both comedy and tragedy around the following suppositions: The stagein both comedy and tragedyshould feature noble characters (this would eliminate many low-characters, typical of the farce, from Corneille's comedies).While Greek tragedy continued to be performed throughout the Roman period, the year 240 BCE marks the beginning of regular Roman drama.

Retrieved "Young boy's death drives tragedy of 'Rabbit Hole.Many ancient Greek tragedians employed the ekkyklêma as a theatrical device, which was a platform hidden behind the scene that could be rolled out to display the aftermath of some event which had happened out of sight of the audience.

Schlegel, August Wilhelm (1809 Lectures on Dramatic Art and Literature, Gutenberg.42 It was the first secular tragedy written since Roman times, and may be considered the first Italian tragedy identifiable as a Renaissance work.