The doctrine of Buddha Nature is described by the Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche this way: "This doctrine declares that the fundamental nature of mind is utterly pure and primordially in the state of buddhahood.Woodworking, learn How to Cut a Dado Like a Master Woodworker.The Truth about Aaron Swartzs Crime « Unhandled Exception : If I had taken the stand as planned and had been asked by the prosecutor whether Aarons actions were wrong, I would probably have replied that what Aaron did would better be described as inconsiderate.

Some have argued that rapid increases in technology in recent decades are shortening the length of a generation.Turning the Dharma wheel, or setting it in motion, is a poetic way to describe the Buddha's teaching of the dharma.It has never changed from beginningless time.

In the same way it is inconsiderate to write a check at the supermarket while a dozen people queue up behind you or to check out every book at the library needed for a History 101 paper.So, instead, he developed a path of practice so that people could realize enlightenment for themselves.