For example, the "Silicon Valley" in US specializes in anything but the manufacture of silicon."We are looking to establishing new lines of internal manufacturing activity, organizing joint ventures with our major partners, and having them involved in setting up the processing facilities.

The residents are granted tax and customs privileges, including cancellation of VAT for imported equipment, component parts and raw materials, and abolishment of land tax, transport tax and property tax for the period of 10 years.Before deciding to establish a new manufacturing facility in the free economic zone, any investor should start with answering the following three questions: which particular infrastructure conditions, tax and customs privileges will he be eligible for?

However, this does not preclude the possibility of having other types of manufacturing facilities set up on the premises of the "Titanium Valley".And, of course, the main advantages for the town community will be the creation of new work places and multiple choice of employment.«vsmpo-avisma» gives a more detailed account of the current status of the project.