If the defending Pokémon is dual-typed, the modifier is calculated as the product of the modifiers for both of its types: a Flying-type move would hit for 4 damage on a Bug / Grass Pokémon, while a Ground-type move used against the same would.Atypical Depression, many people with depression don't have the typical symptoms.The Official Pokémon Handbook, see, pokémon category.

Sunny Day, for example, causes Fire-type moves to increase in power, while Levitate causes Ground-type moves to not work on the Pokémon with this Ability.In Inverse Battles, a different type chart is used that essentially inverts the normal type chart, turning immunities and resistances into weaknesses, and weaknesses into resistances.This does not occur in Pokémon Stadium.

Get information about serotonin syndrome including causes, symptoms, and treatments.For the TCG mechanics, see Appendix:Glossary (TCG) Weakness and Appendix:Glossary (TCG) Resistance.