If he had been picked up by any vessel I suppose he would have written.Be written in blood figurative (event, outcome: be inevitable) ( figurado ) estar escrito con sangre Just because you do this now, it doesn't mean you can't change your mind later; nothing's written in blood.

Write out, to put into writing.Old English writan "to score, outline, draw the figure of later "to set down in writing" (class I strong verb; past tense wrat, past participle writen from Proto-Germanic *writanan "tear, scratch" (cf.Of write put down in a form to be read; not spoken or oral written verb, past participle of write, adjective ( comparative more written, superlative most written of, relating or characteristic of writing (i.e., of that which has been written).

Write up, to put into writing, especially in full detail: Write up a report.In Lists: Human communication, PET Vocabulary List - W, more.