More recently there have been attempts to invent forms for communicating explicit messages without assuming a knowledge of any particular language.Discover, topics, explore TED offerings by topic, tED Books.Indeed, the history of writing is in part a matter of the discovery and representation of these structural levels of spoken language in the attempt to construct an efficient, general, and economical writing system capable of serving a range of socially valuable functions.

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(A phonetic alphabet, such as the International Phonetic Alphabet devised by the International Phonetic Association, is one designed to transcribe any oral language into a common script.) Finally, a writing system such as Hangul, based upon the articulatory features that underlie the phoneme (such.Pictorial signs, such as the informational signs at an international airport (insofar as they can properly be called writing can bear explicit linguistic messages only because of the extremely limited set of alternatives from which a reader must choose.

Such properties led the British linguist Geoffrey Sampson to say: Whether or not it is ultimately the best of all conceivable scripts for Korean, Hangul must unquestionably rank as one of the great intellectual achievements of humankind.A writing system may be defined as any conventional system of marks or signs that represents the utterances of a language.Still-larger units make up such discourse structures as propositions and less well-defined units of meaning such as prayers, stories, and poems.